April Update 2019 - MoodyLit

DD, HTADDB and TGS news. There are no April Fools jokes in this update. I can’t afford the energy to be funny outside of my writing.

I’ve been having a few  problems staying on top of everything of late with The Good Student suffering most, so I’ll be making some adjustments to my schedule

Deeper Darker, my new sci-fi serial will go from five times a week to three times a week. The story’s been doing really well and the initial push has served me well in attracting new readers, but I think I need to manage my resources a bit better.

As for Patreon, the chapters on there were one week ahead (five chapters). I’m going to make that two weeks ahead (six chapters) so people still get their value for money.

In terms of releases, from this week chapters will be out here and on Royal Road: Monday (today), Wednesday and Friday.

On Patreon they will be out this week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and then three times a week (Mon-Wed-Fri ) from next week.

I find I do have plenty of time for writing but it’s more an issue of mental exhaustion and I just sit there like an idiot. Hopefully the extra time will allow my brain to cool down a bit in between sessions.

The Good Student will continue as a weekly update. Maybe I’ll be able to get chapters out reliably. Let’s all wish me good luck.

How to Avoid Death on a Daily Basis Book 10 will be returning on Tuesday 7th May, posting twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday). I’m hoping to have my schedule nailed down by then with some buffer (there’s always a first time).

TL;DR Deeper Darker is going to three times a week (so no chapter tomorrow, next one on Wednesday). Two weeks ahead on Patreon (six chapters, up from five). The Good Student continues as normal. HTADDB back on 7th May, twice a week.

Any questions/complaints, hit me up on Discord.