2018 schedule - MoodyLit

So this will be my schedule over the next couple of weeks:

Bitter - back on Monday 8th January. Was going to restart earlier, but decided to build up a buffer to give myself some breathing room.

HTADDB 7 - also back on the 8th. Only have a few chapters left of this book. Once that's done I'll take another small break to prepare for Book 8. I've also finished Book 6 edits so will be releasing that in the next few days. Made quite a lot of cuts so quite a bit different from the online version.

The Good Student - Going to give this one an extra week. Back on Sunday 14th 21st January. Hoping to take time and plan the next few chapters. I want to put out an ebook of the first arc so I should probably work on an ending for it.

Also working on some more short stories (including a Susan x Neil sequel) and some other stuff. Going to spend the next couple of weeks getting organised and then do my best to get more content onto this website. 2018 FTW!