August Update - MoodyLit

We're having a heatwave here in England, well, sort of. And how am I doing with getting all my bits and pieces sorted out? Not too bad, actually.

I've finally finished editing HTADDB Book 7 and will be putting out the eBook soon. Probably release it at the end of this month. Book 4 of Bitter is also ready to release, so that will come out first. My next editing project is The Good Student. I haven't even looked at it since finishing the first volume, so fresh eyes should help me see where it needs work. I plan to mostly trim and tuck rather than do a major rewrite. My plan is to get it done this month, and then start Volume 2 at the beginning of September, beginning with a recap chapter to get everyone back into the swing of things.

Book 8 of HTADDB is also approaching the final few chapters, and then I'll have to edit that... it never ends. I'm not really sure what to make of Book 8, although I felt like that about Book 7 and editing it has made me like it quite a lot more than I thought I would. Once I chopped out some of the more rambling monologues, there was a lot of funny stuff in there. Hopefully Book 8 will be the same. I wonder what Book 9 will be about...

I've also started reading and researching around a new story idea which I'm thinking of writing, a much more action oriented sci-fi, space opera type of story with a very clearly planned outline. I want to see how fast I can write something where the plot is already set in stone. It will be a fairly trope-heavy story with lots of action set-pieces. 

My other main news was that I left Gravity Tales to concentrate more on my own site. The reason I left was because they're having some major changes in staff over there with Qidian, the new owners, taking over the day to day running. For those who don't know, Qidian is the major publisher of Chinese webnovels and they recently started licensing their books to the translators who have been illegally fan-translating them for years. Chinese business practices are quite aggressive and their business model is very much about them owning the work they pay for. It wouldn't really affect me as I don't translate stuff, but it felt like now was a good time to peace out — there's a lot of drama going on in the world of translated novels as this stuff all gets sorted out, and I'd rather not get dragged into it.

I will continue to post stuff over on Royal Road, as that was where I started and I feel it's only fair to keep stuff available there for the readers who have been supporting me from the start. Since I don't have any ads on MoodyLit (intentionally, so that it's easier to read on mobile) I don't need to pull in viewers to pay for the site. I use the Patreon money to keep this site going ad-free, which I think works out well.

So, overall, I think summer will end with all the rewrite stuff out of the way, and I'll be able to focus on some new stuff. September will hopefully be when I can start the next phase of my writing. All this stuff so far was just me getting some practice in, now it's time to start doing something interesting.

Cheers for the support!