February Update - MoodyLit

Big changes coming up and a new story to debut.

HTADDB Book 9 has ended (at least on Patreon — another two chapters to go on regular sites). It was a bit of a struggle and I'm not sure it entirely made sense, but hopefully I can make sense of it in the edit. Fifty chapters for a total of around 130K words. Should be fun... as soon as I complete the edit of Book 8, of course. Sigh.

Book 10 will start in about a month, once I've had a think about the new direction Colin found himself in at the end of Book 9. Should be interesting.

Bitter is also about to end, five more chapters to go. This will be the end of the series, although I may leave it open for continuation at a later date. I'm not sure how likely that is too happen, there wasn't a huge demand for the story. If you have thoughts on the matter, let me know in the Discord.

Once Bitter is finished, I will be starting the new story, Deep Delve, which will be five days a week and features three protagonists. It will be very different from my other stories, both in genre and in format, so it will be interesting to see how it will be received.

As HTADDB will be off for a month, I will make early access chapters for Deep Delve available on Patreon. Hopefully that will help keep some people subbing. Thanks again for all the support, it's really very much appreciated.

The Good Student will continue and I'm hoping to get some early access chapters for that as well.

Speaking of which, the first part of The Good Student Part 1 is now available as an eBook on Amazon and for EPUB. Thank you to all those of you who have bought a copy. It's a very kind way to show support when you can read it for free. I'm working on a paperback version, hope to have that out by the end of the month.


Bitter Book 5 is also just out on Amazon and on EPUB. Once I have the last book done, I will maybe put together an omnibus version. It will be very long.

Will give more exact dates for when DD starts and HTADDB returns on Discord.