HTADDB returns for Book 9 - MoodyLit

Book 9 of How to Avoid Death on a Daily Basis returns today with Welcome to Fairyland.

First chapter is up (HERE) with two additional chapters available on Patreon right now. I don't think people will be expecting where this is going (is that a good thing?).

Don't forget to vote on Slipped down the rankings during my break and it's one of the few places I can attract new readers from, so all support on there is appreciated.

Also, Book 7: Welcome to Gorgoth is now available in a revised and edited form on Amazon and as an EPUB on other sites.

If you do buy a copy, thank you and please leavve a review/rating on Goodreads or the site where you got it. 

Those patrons on Blue Belt tier or higher are eligible for a free copy, so let me know which format you would like it in.

In other news: 

The Good Student still looking good to start next month.

Haven't started rewriting HTADDB Book 8 yet, but hope to get it out by the end of the year.

New story Deep Dive is planned to about 30 chapters (which usually grow as I write, so could be anywhere up to 60 chapters when written). I want to have it at least 100 chapters planned in advance before posting.

Short stories: I've got the Biadet and Laney story  and the Susan x Neil sequels split up into ten parts (for ease of outlining) and have written the first part of each. 

I should really have an update page somewhere to show the progress of each story.