June 2019 Update - MoodyLit

All three stories are up and running, now I just have to keep them going!

Deeper Darker has become quite popular and mostly well-received, with Ubik emerging as the fan-favourite. As with all of my stories, I’ve been getting some flack from people who don’t like various elements (in particular the all-female Seneca Corps) which is fine and what I expected, but it can still be a bit tiresome when people get worked up about things that haven’t even been developed fully yet.

The same is even more true for How to Avoid Death on a Daily Basis. I’m not sure what people expected of Colin once he returned to planet Earth but ignoring the current political climate wasn’t ever going to be an option. This has led to some particularly virulent comments over on Royal Road where the readers are young and full of dumb, but thanks to the blocking feature they’ve implemented, they’re easy to silence.

To be clear, HTADDB is not going to devolve into a series of polemics about right wing politics, but it will continue to mock buffoons as it always has, and there are some pretty big ones around at the moment.

These are very strange times and Colin is hardly going to show tact when it comes to taking the piss out of the people doing horrible shit and also the people supporting the people doing the horrible shit. In many ways, it’s the perfect environment for Colin.

Ah well, at least The Good Student is controversy free, more or less. The hate for Dizzy is still strong, of course, but that’s quite mild in comparison and more along the lines of people expressing their personal preferences, which is how it should be.  

It does show that people are invested and engaged with the stories, which can only be a good thing, right?
Anyway, back to work. I'm actually trying to get things written before the day of posting. Crazy idea, but it might just work.