May Update - MoodyLit

Deeper Darker has passed the fifty chapter mark and is doing very well! I know, I’m as surprised as you are.

People were a bit sceptical about whether I could make a three MC story work, but I think it’s panned out okay so far.

Ubik seems to be the fan favourite at the moment, we’ll see how that goes as the story unfolds. I still feel like I’m in the very start of the story with the character intros out of the way but the real plot yet to start. I see this as a very long term project with many arcs to it, so early days. I think most of you will be surprised when you see where it’s going (hopefully in a good way).

DD has done wonders for my Patreon so very many thanks to all those who are supporting me through there. Gained a lot of new patrons, all at the $3 tier (which is the DD extra chapters tier). Not enough to live off quite yet, but getting there. I hope to add some extra rewards and find ways to offer more content for patrons soon.

Not everyone is here for DD, though, and I’m doing my best to keep The Good Student going. It’s been difficult maintaining both. I think TGS is struggling a bit at the moment to keep the right pacing. It’s moving a bit too slowly, so I’m going to try to speed it up so there’s more of a story for Nic rather than just his personal development. I do have a goal for him, but I’m finding it hard to get him to where he needs to get to within each chapter.

And, of course, HTADDB 10 starts next week. Should be interesting to see how I manage with that thrown into the mix. Still, I feel upbeat about it. It helps that DD has been accepted so warmly, it’s amazing what a little positive reinforcement will do for a weary soul.

Thanks very much all around, for reading, for  subbing on Patreon, for voting on TWF, for upvoting on Reddit, for liking on Twitter — all of it really helps. I’ll try not to mess it up (I promise nothing).

Any questions or comments, hit me up on Discord.