November Update - MoodyLit

What I'm up to this month. Probably. Trello updated.

I took some time off this week to give my brain a bit of a rest and I feel a lot better already. It's a weird kind of brain strain you get from thinking too much. Got some writing done too, which is a lot easier without the pressure of a deadline. Should have a bit of a buffer for the run up to xmas.

After some thought I've decided to finish Bitter after this book. It will be Book 6 and I think I can make better use of the time on other projects. Will try to give it a decent ending. I promise nothing.

I've started writing Deep Delve, my sci-fi story. I decided to write it as a Nanowrimo story so I should have at least 30 chapters done by the end of the month. I'm planning to start posting it once Bitter is done (which should be by the end of the year).

Meanwhile, I'm almost ready to publish Bitter Book 5 and The Good Student Part 1 as ebooks. I'm planning to do TGS as a paperback edition too. Just have HTADDB 8: Welcome to Shrine Island to edit and publish and I'll be more or less up to date with publishing stuff (just need to get my other books in paperback form).

HTADDB 9 is coming along. I have a pretty good idea of where I'm going with this book just need to get chapters out on time.

The Good Student Book 2 is going well but I was hoping to get a chapter ahead so I could post early access chapters on Patreon. Hopefully I can sort that out in the next couple of weeks.

I've also got a reddit page now (r/MoodyLit). A reader called nemo_sum set it up and it's very bare bones, but I hope to customise it a bit when I have time (and I've figured out how to use CSS). Realistically I probably won't get around to it until the xmas break. If anyone has experience with such things and feels like lending a hand, let me know.

My main aim is to finish everything I need to finish in the next two months and then start new projects with a large buffer and more options on Patreon. It's a plan. We'll see how it goes.

Thanks for the continued support!