October Update - MoodyLit

Thought I’d get this one out a little early as it’s a weekend. TGS small delay.

The main news is that I’ve pushed back The Good Student by two weeks to Sunday 14th October. Sorry about that, but I’m still working on the outline and I want to give myself a bit of a buffer. I plan to post one chapter ahead on Patreon (so I’ll be posting two chapters on the 14th) as well as a prologue making clear what happened last time for people who weren’t quite sure who had done what at the end of the last book. It will be a short lecture given by Nic.

I’ve set up a Trello (a timetable site) HERE where you can see how I’m doing with the schedule and what else I have planned.

The eBooks of The Good Student are looking good, shouldn't take too much editing (well, the first half, anyway).

I think I’m doing a pretty good job staying on top of HTADDB and Bitter releases, so I’ve managed to get those nailed down, just need to make sure that TGS comes out of the gate smoothly.

Bitter is available early on Patreon now so you can read all five chapters at your own pace. Not that many people take up this offer but it forces me to write early which makes it worth doing. Getting the week's writing out of the way helps free up time. Perhaps putting a gun to my head like this is the only way to get things done on time.  

HTADDB Book 7: Welcome to Gorgoth is out for Kindle and EPUB, and I’ve also got the art for Book 8: Welcome to Shrine Island and should have the ebook out soon. Here's a quick look before I get the text put on.