September 2019 Update - MoodyLit

Here to give you the details of when each of my stories restart.

This month’s update is slightly late as I wanted to see how I felt after my break before committing to any dates. Been off for a couple of weeks and I’m just about recovered. It’s been nice not to wake up in a panic about all the things I need to get done, but all good things must end. Ah, mental health, we hardly knew ye...

Completing the first arc of Deeper Darker felt like a pretty big accomplishment and I feel confident about where to take it next. Mainly because it was where I planned to take it in the first arc but I got a bit sidetracked while I established the characters and settings.

The whole first book ended up being a bit of an extended prologue for the story, hopefully that will help build a strong foundation for what’s to come. Book 2 will be more focused on action and adventure, theoretically.

Anyway, I will be starting Book 2 on Patreon from this Monday (9th September), usual three times a week. Updates will be back on my site and RR two weeks after that.

HTADDB I’ve decided to extend the break so I don’t end up starting everything at once, so I will bring that back on Tuesday 24th September o Patreon and a week later on my site and RR.

The Good Student will come back next Sunday (15th September).  This staggered approach should help ease me back into the swing of things.

I’m also planning to take a week off every ten weeks so I get a bit more of a regular breather.

So that’s the plan. Any questions, hit me up on Discord.