September Update - MoodyLit

Upcoming schedule below. Had a very needed few days off from posting which helped my brain from overheating but I haven't been lazing around doing nothing!

Bitter returns this Monday 3rd September. I've been writing chapters already and am making it so each five days worth of chapters has a complete arc. This will make it easier for new people to join the story and, I hope, make it a more fun read as at least part of the story resolves each five days.

I'm also going to start posting all five chapters in advance each Monday on Patreon so it reads as a complete short story of around 5k words you can read at your own pace. Not sure how much demand there will be for this, but extra content is extra content. Putting it all in one weekly post will also stop the Patreon feed getting cluttered up. More of a test, so please let me know any feedback you have.

Bitter: Book 4 (Chapters 300-400) eBook is also now up for sale on Amazon and other sites. If you aren't reading Bitter and are interested in giving it a go, the eBook for Bitter: Book 1 is currently free on all platforms. Might as well have a look.

HTADDB is starting Book 9 on Monday 17th September. Early chapters on Patreon. That should give me enough time to to work out an outline for the whole book and get some chapters written in advance.

Book 7: Welcome to Gorgoth is done (turned out okay after I cut most of the rants) and will be up for sale at the same time.

I've put looking at Book 8: Welcome to Shrine Island aside until then (really need to think of a cover image for it - any ideas?) but it should be out towards the end of the year after some heavy editing.

I've read through The Good Student and I've decided I'll release it as two eBooks. The whole thing is 250k worlds, so splitting it up will make it a lot easier to sort out. I'll start posting new chapters from Sunday 30th September, starting with a recap chapter (yes, everything will be explained). I will outline the new book fully, also. Early access chapters will be on Patreon.

I'm trying to move away from improvising my stories and trying to establish the narrative all the way to an ending before starting. It's getting to the point where people are expecting the unexpected from me which is just as predictable as writing cliches, so I'm going to be a bit more purposeful and thoughtful in my goals.

I've also started planning my new sci-fi story which is called Deep Delve and features three MCs of completely different backgrounds. The style will be completely different to what I've done so far, so should be interesting to see how you guys react to it. I've already planned the first arc and intend to pump out chapters very fast. Not sure exactly when that will start, but probably next month. Will have more news next update.

I'm trying to get some buffer chapters written in advance for all these stories so things will be posted without interruption during this next block. My next break will be over the Xmas hols so it will be pretty intense once I start posting.

I've started new shorts for Susan x Neil and the Laney/Biadet school story (yes, text is saved in files), but those are going to take a little time. I'll provide regular updates as I go.

Okay, let's see how things develop in the next phase of the MCU (Moody's Cliffhanger Universe).

As always, hit me up on Discord if you have any questions or just fancy saying hi.