Sorry, no TGS chapter today - MoodyLit

No new chapter of The Good Student today. Apologies for the delay, will be back next week. 

I think I'll have to do something about the schedule, it's been a bit difficult keeping the new story and this one going together. I don't want to rush either and lose quality. I have most of today's chapter done but I would have to really push it without putting too much thought into it to get it done on time and I wasn't happy doing that.

Tomorrow I'm posting my monthly update so will have a think and make a decision then. Feel free to share your thoughts on the matter over on the Discord channel, I'm open to suggestions. Maybe making TGS once every two weeks might work better, but then people might forget what happened in the last chapter. I want to keep the quality of the writing high in TGS and the story coherent. It's a bit of tricky one for me with HTADDB returning soon also. Could it be possible I'm trying to do to much at once? No, that can't be it.