January 2020 Update - MoodyLit

Happy New Year! Back from break, starting up Patreon chapters this week. 

The start of a new decade (for however long it lasts) and I’m emerging from my winter hibernation to get things rolling in Mooderino world, a world of song and dance and rivers of chocolate… oh, wait, that’s Willy Wonka’s factory. Well, it’ll be similar, just with fewer sweets and more Oompa Loompas. A lot more. Thousands. With spears.

I’ll be restarting Deeper Darker from tomorrow on Patreon. It will restart here on Monday 20th January when Patreon is two weeks ahead.

I spent some of my break planning out the rest of the arc for this book, so there should be no (few (only some (hardly any)) problems. Now that we’re into the dungeon crawling part of the story, things should start ramping up. Hold onto your Delgados.

HTADDB will resume on Patreon from Tuesday 7th January, and back here from the 14th. I think there will be ten or so more chapter to the end. I’ve planned it out but individual chapters may get longer as they have a habit of doing when I try to outline things ahead of time for this story.

Haven’t decided when to restart The Good Student, I want to get the other two up and running first. Shouldn’t be more than a couple of weeks though.

As ever, hit me up on Discord if you have any questions. Thanks very much to everyone who’s stuck with me. I’ll see if I can repay the favour by churning out a few good chapters every now and again. Might even stick to the schedule this year. 

Of course, if WW3 breaks out, I’ll be signing up for the army. Not ours, obviously, don’t want to be on the losing side. Anyone know the fastest way to learn Mandarin?