January Update - MoodyLit

Happy New Year! So, I'll be restarting my stories from Next Week.


The Good Student will return on Sunday, and then update weekly every Sunday.

HTADDB will start Monday and go back to three times a week. I actually found it a lot easier to stick to a two chapters a week schedule, but we'll see how it goes. If it becomes overwhelming I might go back to two a week.

Bitter will restart on Monday and be the usual five days a week. I should be able to finish it this month, after which I plan to start my sci-fi story.

Bitter: Book 5 will also be out on the 14th of this month as an ebook. The Good Student Book 1: Part 1 will be out on the 17th. Both are up for pre-order now (thanks to Slider for giving me a hand with proofreading).

I'm planning to turn all the HTADDB and TGS books into paperback versions this month too. We'll see how that goes.

Most of this month will be taken up with getting back into gear after my break, and then in February I'll be posting new stuff.

Thanks again for the continued support! Here's hoping 2019 is a good one and we don't all die in some global catastrophe (fingers crossed).