July 2019 Update - MoodyLit

Heatwave and lazy days. Some small changes to my schedule. 

Almost forgot to post this month’s update! Shows how swamped I’m getting.

I’ve been (just about) keeping pace with my current schedule, but I’m finding it hard to get anything else done. I feel like I need to make some adjustments if  want to finish the editing and eBook releases waiting on my desktop.

I’m going to move Deeper Darker to later in the day. At the moment I’m posting it at midday my time (GMT+1). I’m going to try posting it at the same time as I post all my other stories (9PM my time). That will give me a lot more space to get it done, and hopefully make it feel a bit more polished. I can get it out no matter what if I rush it, but it’s not going to be as good as it could be.

DD will work towards some sort of Book 1 climax around Ch. 100, which I will then put out as an eBook (another book to edit!).

Of course, things will ease off a bit once HTADDB finishes and Book 2 of The Good Student ends (there will probably be a Book 3). 

It would be nice if I could be on top of things by then, so whatever I decide to do next slots in seamlessly. We shall see — still got a few months before that.

My main effort over the next month will be to get the eBook stuff done and sorted. We who are about to die salute you. Well, maybe not die, just suffer horribly. 

Thanks for all the Patreon subs, by the way. Makes the suffering a little less horrible to know people still dig my work.

As always, you can let me know your thoughts on Discord: LINK.