DD Schedule Flim-Flam - MoodyLit

I'll be cutting back to two chaps a week of Deeper Darker until the boomers finish their End of the World project (nice for them to have a hobby.)

Chaps will continue Wed and Fri, four chapters ahead on Patreon.

Feel free to ask any questions here or on My Discord. Plenty of room for refugees, the sick, the lame, the very lame, and the bored. Supply your own coffee, assuming there's any left.

Got too much going on to find time to write as much as before, you know, saving lives, making people cups of tea, making sandwiches. The horror. I miss the pre-isolation days when I could be on my own and not be bothered by people.

Normal schedule will return as soon as the all clear sirens sound and the invaders have been repulsed from these shores just like we did before, except with the Romans. And the Normans. Vikings also had a pretty easy time of it. If only this was a German virus we'd have it defeated by Christmas. Probably still beat us as football, though.

Anyway. Wednesday next chapter.