March 2020 Update - MoodyLit

HTADDB update, TGS news, 2020: a new beginning.

TL;DR: HTADDB will be back here from 12th March, restarting from the beginning of Book 10.


Most of you will know I have decided to reboot Book 10 as I wasn't very happy with how it was going. Colin back on Earth just got a bit meandering and messy (for all sorts of irl reasons) and rather than rush to whatever ending I could come up with and then fix it in rewrites for the eBook version (which is what I was initially thinking) I'm going to start again with Colin's arrival home. This is the end of the whole series, so I want it to be as good as possible.

Now that I’ve had a chance to look over what I’ve written so far for HTADDB, I’m feeling a lot better about the story. There are some decent parts that I can still use, mostly the earlier sections.

The reboot will start posting this Thursday on Patreon and here on MoodyLit the following week (12th March). And then weekly on Thursdays from then on. One chapter a week.

(Old chapters will be removed although I will leave them up on Patreon for anyone who wants to go back and have a look).

I will be using the best of what I’ve written already so some of it will be familiar, but it will diverge more and more as it continues. Entirely new sections will also be added. I’m hoping to keep it more concise and focused on a clear story/ending.

Once it’s up and running I plan to bring back The Good Student. That will also require a reboot, I think, although I’ll have a better idea of what needs doing once I give it a closer look. My aim is to bring it back at the end of this month.

If I can get all three stories up and running with a manageable schedule by April, then I think I will be in good shape going forward. I want to complete these stories in the manner I planned from the start, but time management seems to have been my greatest weakness. A slower release schedule and a rough 'first draft' to work with should make that easier.

Thanks for putting up with all these delays, it’s been quite an education in trying to be a content provider with no idea what I was doing. Live and learn.